How she raised P 18,000 in one month — on a student’s allowance: Funding Your Passion Project

Today, I’m here with a work-in-progress story of one of my very first students for the Passion Funding e-course, who is well on her way to achieving her BMP goal. (Need to refresh? Click here to log in to the course.)

Tisha is one of my students in my goal-setting workshop called Braver Goals.

She is in her senior year in university, and is one multi-passionate individual: her skills/interests include hosting, crochet, and cacao farming. Here is a breakdown of her targets and her milestones:

Her targets:

  • BMP: Raise P 60,000 in 6 months
  • MMG: Raise P 3,000 in 2 weeks

Her progress: Raised P 18,000 in 1 month
(That’s 30% of her BMP!)

I interviewed her because I wanted to share her story to you — and show how, even with a limited student’s allowance, you can start being more proactive about raising money.

Read more of her story, and some of my key takeaways below.

What are the goals you’re working towards?

“I really want to get into cacao farming and produce my own chocolate in the future, one that can be at par with Ferrero Rocher — or even better! And so, I really want to go this cacao farming training in Davao after college.

In order for that chocolate dream to happen, I want to train in cacao farming in Davao — I’ll be needing PHP 60,000 for that. That’s my monetary goal in the next 6 months.

My Money Momentum Goal is to earn P 3,000 in 2 weeks (and P 6,000 in 4 weeks), which I plan to earn through selling my crochet products, or working double time on getting hosting gigs.”

The Challenge: Time, Student’s Allowance, and Sales

“It has been such a challenge to commit to my MMG (P 3,000 in 2 weeks), especially since it’s hard to be limited with a student’s allowance. It’s also difficult to get into other activities on top of my senior year workload. It’s really NOT easy.”

I admit, I wasn’t able to P 3,000 in 2 weeks, but I guess [that failure] was what made me work harder to improve the designs in my crafts, and expand my network more — so that I can expand my market as well.

Four weeks in, I already raised 30% of my BMP and it feels really good knowing that I did that all by myself.  Here’s the breakdown of how I raised P 18,000 in 4 weeks:

My Action Plan:

  • I asked my friends if they still want to learn crochet from me. When they said yes, I organized my workshop right away.
  • I asked a friend from my organization to notify me every time there was a new hosting gig.
  • I became more aggressive in selling and telling people about my crochet products.

The breakdown of the P 18,000

  • Savings = P 3000
  • Earnings from teaching a crochet workshop = P 5000
  • Earnings from selling crochet products = P 7000
  • Earnings from 1 hosting gig = P 3000

Surprise Development: Attracting New Opportunities

The fun thing is, the activities I did to push my crochet products’ sales ended up opening more doors for me:

When I first had my crochet workshop, I held it in this small art cafe in my university campus, and at the time of my workshop, the owner happened to be there.

She then asked me if I was willing to teach on the weekends starting next year, because they’ll also be opening art classes in 2016! She said that she will help me find participants and that I wont have to worry about the venue.

Also, I was able to seal a deal with her to carry my crochet goods in her store.

Her Big Lifestyle Change: Being More Organized & Honoring Her Word

“I think the ultimate transformation that I had was becoming organized, and being more strict with [self]-deadlines.

I realized that I am most productive when there is some sort of pressure, knowing that you made a pledge, and that you committed to achieve that pledge in a particular time frame.

It made me realize that there was so much I can do if I just fully give my head and heart to it.


Two Key Takeaways:

1. Action attracts action.

You can’t just sit and think and overthink your way to making things happen. Even if things are still unclear to you, even if you still don’t know if you’re going the right path — overthinking will have you stuck and paralyzed, unmoving in the same spot. Do something.

Action gets you somewhere. Action helps give you clarity – after having done this, is this what I want or do I try something else? And as in Tisha’s case — action attracts action. She wouldn’t have gotten the support of the shop owner if she hadn’t tried doing a workshop in the first place.

2. Sometimes all you have to do is make the ask.

“I asked a friend from my organization to notify me every time there was a new hosting gig.” She wouldn’t have earned P 3,000 had she been passive and just waited for someone to offer her a gig. She just asked, and told other people that she was open and willing if the opportunity arises.

I hope Tisha’s story serves not just as inspiration, but as a challenge to you. If a college student can do it, so can you. Get proactive and commit to your BMP.

If you want to get updated about Tisha’s next workshops, projects, and her progress, you may check her out on posts on Instagram:

@localexchangestore || @whyknotcraft || @tishambal



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