Ep. #10: How & Why You Should Do A Monthly Review: January 2017 Review

Most times, the days and the week just roll by, and if we’re not mindful about reviewing our progress regularly, then time just escapes us. I’m going to share my personal process on how to be always aware of my growth and goals. I do this at the end of every month so that I can improve in the coming month. THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU IF… you want to start being mindful of your progress. Listen to the 4 guide questions that you can use so you can do you own monthly review. Be a source of inspiration for others: Share these tweetables! Follow us on social media: The show’s Instagram: @thepurposefulcreative The host’s Instagram: @arrianeserafico The host on Twitter: @arrianeserafico Or just check out the hashtag #thepurposefulcreative

Should I Quit My Job to Pursue My Passion? [Minisode]

“I have had this passion project in my head for quite some time now. Should I quit my job to really put all my energies to pursuing this idea/business? Because right now, I barely have time or energy because of my day job.”

You struggle with the roadblock mentioned above. We’ll give you ideas for questions you can ask yourself to help guide your next steps and decisions.

Ep. #6: Overcoming Perfectionism & Introversion with Christine Herrin

Today, I’ve brought  in my very first guest on the podcast. Her name is Christine Herrin, and she is an artist & graphic designer based in San Francisco, and she is currently one of the 4 creatives handpicked by Adobe to join their 2016 Creative Residency Program.

You are either a perfectionist, an introvert, or both. We tackle stories and tips that range how to grow your network even if you’re introverted, how to not get stuck in paralysis that’s commonly experienced by perfectionists, to how to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Ep. #4: How to Set Your 1 Big Theme for The Year – for yourself or your business

Today’s episode is about redesigning your goal-setting experience  by deciding on your one overarching theme for 2017.  I’ll be giving you 3 prompts or questions you can use – so that the theme that you choose will actually be effective and memorable, and very meaningful to you (not just some generic, forgettable quote you pulled off an inspirational poster).

This episode is specially dedicated to anyone who has lots of ideas and goals every beginning of the year but need help with getting all those goals organized and structured.

This is also for creatives and entrepreneurs who want to get more clear about their big picture direction for their business in 2017.