Ep. #8: Dealing with Quarter Life Crisis, with Isa Garcia

“My quarter life crisis was spent mourning after the lives I didn’t get to live. I wanted to do more, be more… to see if I could flex my muscles in other spaces.”

This is just one of the many, many truth bombs that our guest for this episode, Isa Garcia, dropped in today’s show. Isa is a teacher, writer, and published author, and I’m so lucky to call her my friend.

Anyone who is just approaching your quarter life crisis, or is currently neck-deep in it, or even someone who has already overcome her/his own quarter-life crisis.

Ep. #3: My Year 1: How to KEEP ON going when pursuing your passion full-time (Part 2)

Today, we’ll talk about the lessons I learned after completing my first year of pursuing my passion full-time. These are lessons that really helped me push through with my ideas, and helped sustain my excitement and momentum for the entire year. If following through is your problem, get ready to take down notes.

This episode is specially dedicated to creative individuals who may have tried starting passion projects before, whether it’s by yourself or with friends, but you struggled with following through and staying committed to it.

I’ve gone through that myself — I would be struck by an idea, be really excited about it, start planning, start doing the initial steps, but after while — it just fizzles out.