Ep. #16: Adulting Advice for Passion-Fueled, Purpose-Seeking Millennials

Today is a special Q&A episode, and this episode is definitely for you if you are someone who is struggling with figuring things out in “adult life.”

This episode is for you if:
I really think you will find this episode valuable if you have questions and internal battles about quitting your job to pursue a more creative path, or you are in the middle of job hunting and are feeling pretty excited but anxious about what’s next for you, or if you are somebody who has pursued one career trajectory for several years but now find yourself wanting to change course. We’ll be answering questions about those topics and more in this episode.

How to Share Your Work on Social Media… Without The Shame [Quick Start Guide]

I know how intimidating it is to start sharing your work online, and being really anxious about what your friends will say – especially your immediate circle. You get scared that they’ll make fun of you, tease you, or think you’re being too ambitious, or “trying too hard.”

In this minisode, Reese Lansangan, a singer-songwriter, shares how she first started posting her music online, and how she overcame her confidence blocks.

You’ve ever felt embarassed or shy or scared to share your work online for fear of being judged, teased, or shamed.

Ep. #13: Combining Design + Purpose + Social Impact (with Roxy Navarro)

My guest for today is Roxy Navarro, she is the founder of Works of Heart, a design studio that serves mission-based groups by providing effective branding and visual story telling to help these groups solve the issues of lack of awareness and access to market.

In this conversation, we do a deep dive into why and how she started her company while she was still in college, and then how she continued to run it as the CEO while juggling a full-time day job in a big corporation for a full three and a half years.

We also talk about her insights on what it takes to pursue meaningful work, and the kind of questions you need to ask yourself. And we also walk that awkward intersection between purpose and profit, and the constant journey of figuring out how mix both without compromising one or the other.

You’re somebody who has a day job right now, and are struggling with juggling it with a side-hustle, or are planning to do this — this episode will definitely inspire you.

Ep. #11: Tips on Finding Your Own Tribe (or, making creative friends as an adult!)

Today’s episode was inspired by my recent trip to Morocco: I’ll be  sharing with you some tips and steps you can take so that you can also find your own tribe.

You’re someone who struggles with finding kindred spirits who share in their same passions, and who push them to become better versions of themselves. This episode is specially dedicated to adults who find it challenging to find like-minded and like-spirited friends, especially after graduating from school and going into the real world.