In today’s short episode, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz of Rags2Riches is back to talk about how to start a social enterprise. In this episode, she’ll outline how she started that journey, and more valuable tips on becoming a social entrepreneur.

Notes from our interview with Reese Fernandez-Ruiz:

How she started a social enterprise:

  1. “First, we went to the communities and tried to understand where they were coming from. We tried to leave behind our pre-conceived notions, our biases, and the frameworks we learned in school – and we did that over and over and over again. Just trying to understand them.”
  2. “Second, we just tried things out without the pressure to be perfect, and beautiful, and world-class immediately. It’s a process of quick prototypes and learning. The best teacher is experience. The bad decisions you made before… that’s how you get experience.”
  3. “Third… we collaborated with others. We didn’t have the monopoly on the best ideas, or expertise, or talents, so why not collaborate? We got a lot of ‘no’s and ‘maybe next time’s… it’s okay to get a lot of NO’s in your life, but still try and reach out and put yourself out there, and something is bound to happen.”

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