I know how intimidating it is to start sharing your work online, and being really anxious about what your friends will say – especially your immediate circle. You get scared that they’ll make fun of you, tease you, or think you’re being too ambitious, or “trying too hard.”

In this minisode, Reese Lansangan, a singer-songwriter, shares how she first started posting her music online, and how she overcame her confidence blocks.

You’ve ever felt embarassed or shy or scared to share your work online for fear of being judged, teased, or shamed.

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We discuss the sensitive topic of making money from your art, having BIG ambitions and not being shy about it, and what it’s like (and what to do) when you have more than one passion.

You can listen to the full episode here.

And here’s one of my favorite songs that Reese wrote and performed:

So whether it’s sharing about your side business, your freelance side-hustle, or maybe just a passion advocacy project, or just something creative you’re working on — there’s nothing wrong with sharing your progress & growth to the world.

It’s a great way to get collaborators, get feedback, and even just to connect and help other people in some small way.

And from the e-mails that I got, and I got A LOT — I really am so, so proud that this is the type of people that we have in our learning community:

People who, yes, struggle with the feeling of shame or fear of being judged, but little by little, try to overcome that fear everyday. I’m also really amazed by all the passion projects that you guys are pursuing, in your own communities, in your own way, using your own unique skills.

This is the type of community I want to cultivate, and I am so grateful that you guys keep sharing that to me, because it inspires to continue what I do.


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