In today’s story I am bringing back Roxy Navarro, who I talked to in the previous episode, Episode 13, where we talked about her business called Works of Heart.  In this episode, she’ll tell us about how she found like-minded people, rallied them around the idea, and how they were able to build their company and make it even stronger together.

Notes from Roxy:

How she rallied her friends to start her passion project (turned business!):

  1. “I made a slide deck and a logo… something tangible to present to people.” Create something tangible to communicate your idea – this will help you and others take your ideas more seriously.
  2. She sent emails to friends so she can pitch the idea to them.
  3. Brainstormed with the team
  4. They bought a domain name. By investing a bit of money, it gave them more accountability, and gave them a deadline for launching a site. Roxy: “You have to make small investments that are tangible, because it shows people – and yourself – how committed you are.”
  5. They launched the site and asked people to share it. From there, people started contacting them, asking about services and rates.
  6. They prepared the pitch for these initial potential clients.

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