In today’s story, I’m bringing back Abbey Sy, who I talked to in the previous episode. Abbey is an artist and best-selling author, with over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram, and has published two books. In this minisode, she’ll tell us about her beginnings, and the exact three steps she took to start selling her work and getting her first client.

Notes from Abbey:

How to start selling your art on products:

  1. Raise your starting capital (hers was only $120!).
  2. Make the products.
  3. Make a social media account.
  4. Try joining a bazaar (rent is approx. $100).

How to start getting your first client as an artist or illustrator:

  1. Create your portfolio or website (or just a dedicated art Instagram account).
  2. Make a Behance account, especially if you want more international clients.

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