This video is dedicated to people who are feeling lost, stuck, or stagnant in their lives, people who are in jobs that they don’t love, and people who are struggling with finding what it is they’re really meant to do. This episode goes out to all you “late” bloomers out there!

This question comes from one of my readers, her name is Jana. And Jana asks:

Hi Arriane, I work in the accounting department of a big company, and I’m feeling kind of lost and stagnant. I took up accounting in college because that’s what my mom told me to do, and I’m here in my job now, also because my mom said this is a good and stable job.

Truth be told, I’m not passionate about it. But, I’m scared because this is all I know how to do. This is what I went to college for. I don’t know what else I’m good at, and I don’t know what I’m passionate about, or where to even start exploring.

So I guess my question is, how do I start figuring out where my passion lies, when I’ve devoted so many years of my life pursuing another path? – Jana

Watch the video below to hear my answer + mini pep-talk!

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