In today’s mini-episode, I’ll be sharing a mindset that’s crucial for you to develop, if you aspire to be a great leader, entrepreneur, and creative thinker.

You find that you have a tendency to avoid big risks, or tend to be really afraid of feedback and criticism, listen very carefully.

I’m back with our minisode series called:
From Block to Breakthrough.

In each of these quick minisodes, we will be taking one common roadblock or excuse from our listeners — and then I’ll give you one actionable step you can try – to help you break through it.

This week’s block comes from a recent e-mail I got from a new student. I have this free e-course about budgeting, and in that e-course, I share some case studies from a few of my past students who became very proactive about saving and earning money so that they can pursue their passion.

I made sure to feature stories from a diverse set of students from different backgrounds and situations — so that, you know, you can see how, no matter what your life situation is like, you CAN apply the lessons in your own way.

One of my new students replied to the case study saying,

“Thank you for sharing, this is great for her, but it’s hard for me to do this because I’m not sure I’m the creative type.”

And mind you, she’s not the first one to e-mail me this. I’ve received countless stories that sound very similar. A lot of people tell me about their “personality types” or things in their life situation that they believe are holding them back.

In this episode, I’ll share with you the one mindset shift you need to make to STOP pigeonholing yourself into these “types.”

A growth mindset creates a passion for learning, rather than a hunger for approval. #thepurposefulcreative Click To Tweet


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It is very crucial to be self-aware — but you need to stop typecasting yourself into a fixed box. Click To Tweet

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Sadly, from a young age, most esp in school, we unknowingly build narratives around our perceived personalities. Click To Tweet When you have a growth mindset, you approach everything w/ curiosity & a willingness to try & experiment. Click To Tweet Try your best to NOT get defensive when you get feedback, see failure as a springboard for growth. Click To Tweet

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