How a freelance writer & blogger raised P 35,000 in 3 weeks: Funding Your Passion Project

Here’s another work-in-progress story of a student of mine in the Passion Funding e-course — and this might be particularly interesting for all you FREELANCERS (current or aspiring).


Mikka is a writer, blogger, and tiny traveller.

I love her story because she has a very, very interesting goal: She wants to go to Scandinavia to see the Northern Lights before the effects of climate change erase it from Earth’s sight. Concrete, compelling, and SO FREAKING EXCITING.

Her targets:

  • BMP: Raise P 150,000 in 8 months for her Scandinavian backpacking trip, and more independent living
  • MMG: Raise P 25,000 in 2 weeks

Her progress:
She raised P 35,000 in 3 weeks through saving, freelance gigs, and teaching workshops!

Read more of her story and how she did it, below.


Northern Lights Adventure

Hi Mikka! What are the goals you’re working towards?

My goal is to reach my BMP by July of 2016, for my Scandinavian trip.

It’s always been a dream of mine to go backpacking around the Scandinavian area, and an opportunity arose in July that I want to take advantage of! I’ve also been reading articles online that 2016 might be the last year for the Northern Lights – no way am I going to miss this!

Quitting Her Job: The Fear of the Unknown

What’s pushing you to be more proactive about your goal?

Come January of 2016, I will be leaving my job of almost 4 years, so this adds an exciting/scary factor to my journey.

But what I like about it is that it’s this “fear of the unknown” (once I’ve resigned) is that leaves me no choice but to really step on the acceleration pedal and keep going for my goals despite the circumstances.

The Spreadsheet and How It Changed Her Mindset

What were your saving/budgeting habits before the Passion Funding Plan?

I’d set a budget for myself (but I would always go beyond it!). I also maintain two bank accounts – my BPI (The Untouchable – this is where my savings go) and my BDO (where I get my spending money).

There wasn’t a “fixed” formula to my spending habits, which is probably why my money never grew the way I wanted to. So the change of perspective [the Passion Funding formula taught in the course] also helped.

The fact that money wouldn’t be coming as consistently as before anymore pushed me to really step up my game and invest more time in sorting my finances out – I wish I did this sooner, but it’s never too late to start!

Becoming More Mindful of Her Daily Lifestyle Choices

What’s the biggest change you had to make in order to commit to your goal?

The most important change I had to do was to incorporate more awareness into every aspect of my life! I am more intentional now when it comes to my spending habits. Questions such as “Do I really need to UBER to this place or can I just walk it?” and “Do I really have to spend PHP 300 for lunch?” are just a few of the pep talks I give myself before allotting an expense somewhere.

It may be inconvenient or even uncomfortable at the moment, but being aware that this will serve a greater and more satisfying purpose definitely alters my perspective with the way I handle my money.

“While I was setting my BMP and MMG, I knew it was an impossible number at the rate I was going, but I wanted to challenge myself. I guess it was also an exercise to believe in myself more.”

(Trust me, I can be very insecure.)

[So] in many occasions, I took the “fake it ‘til you make it” approach, pitching my skills to different people, keeping a confident smile while I was feeling queasy and nervous inside, haha! It was very encouraging to see results, and it only gave me more reason to find more creative ways to meet my goals.

Her Battle Plan: How She Earned Extra Income

So, can you walk us through how you got to P 35,000 in 3 weeks?

I started my Braver Goals money project on November 15 (just in time for 1/2 month pay!), so I immediately put in PHP 5,000 from my desk job earnings into my Passion Funds. I was also in the completion stages of a freelance project, so I put the money I earned from that project straight to my savings account!

Here is the breakdown of my progress since then:

    • 1st Week = PHP 5,000 (savings)
    • 2nd Week = PHP 20,000 (savings + earnings from a writing workshop + earnings from a freelance writing project)
    • 3rd Week = PHP 35,000 (added more savings after I received my pay for the 30th + earnings from another freelance writing project)

I found extra sources of income through the following:

    • Teaching writing workshops
    • Freelance writing gigs
    • (I’m also hoping to venture in digital marketing/content strategy consulting soon!)

Her Next Brave Adventures

So Mikka, what’s next for you? Where can we find you on the interwebs?

Her personal blog:
I’m currently in the process of carving out and exerting more energy and focus to my personal website right now. Now that I have more time in my hands, it’s time to work on my personal mission, which is simply to show women that we can through our different passions and interests. 🙂 It would be great to invite others to join this journey.

Her Instagram:
I also hope to reach out to more people through my Instagram account, where I aim to inspire others through my travels and everyday life.




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