“My quarter life crisis was spent mourning after the lives I didn’t get to live. I wanted to do more, be more… to see if I could flex my muscles in other spaces.”

This is just one of the many, many truth bombs that our guest for this episode, Isa Garcia, dropped in today’s show. Isa is a teacher, writer, and published author, and I’m so lucky to call her my friend.

Anyone who is just approaching your quarter life crisis, or is currently neck-deep in it, or even someone who has already overcome her/his own quarter-life crisis.

I hope that this episode shows you two very different perspectives and stories on how you can approach your own quarter life crisis. Neither one is right or wrong, both are valid, and it’s really up to your personality and your own unique situation.

But I hope that by listening in, we can get you to ask yourself the tough questions.

Dealing with your own quarter life crisis? We made a journal just for you.

Our Crossroads Journal contains reflection prompts, guide questions, pep talks, and some tough love — it will hold your hand, then tug you right out of that rut you’re currently stuck in. Click the image below to see a video preview of what’s inside the journal.

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  • MOVE FORWARD instead of forever overthinking or feeling stuck
    • Uncover what your next step will be, so you can break out of your never-ending cycle of overthinking and what-if’s
  • GET CLARITY about what’s next for you
    • Rethink your priorities, reflect on your options, and become more intentional about choosing what’s next for you
    • This will have a major impact on your life direction, if you let it
    • Make a decision based on YOUR honest goals and desires
    • Instead of asking everyone and anyone about their opinion and advice, and ending up with so many other people making your life decisions for you

Click here to get your copy of The Crossroads Journal.

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'Instead of filling myself with activity, it helps me to sit, reflect… and ride it out. Even if it’s uncomfortable.' - @everydayisa Click To Tweet 'Being comfortable with being nowhere is… allowing yourself to simmer in the space of uncomfortability.' - @everydayisa Click To Tweet 'You can’t say how long your quarter life crisis will last... at the end of the day, you just have to DECIDE that you’re moving forward to the next chapter.' Click To Tweet “Relationships are so integral to your becoming & who you eventually grow up to be. Evaluate who you invest your time in.” - @everydayisa Click To Tweet “Passion is shaped not by intellectualizing things, but by engaging with the world.” - @arrianeserafico #thepurposefulcreative Click To Tweet

“It’s the combination of experiences that you have that eventually lead you towards what you’re really meant to do here in this world.” Click To Tweet “Even once you discover your passion/purpose, you’ll find that it keeps on evolving. Click To Tweet Make the most out of your quarter life crisis by actively, willingly, and openly engaging with the questions.' #thepurposefulcreative Click To Tweet

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