Today, I’ve brought  in my very first guest on the podcast. Her name is Christine Herrin, and she is an artist & graphic designer based in San Francisco, and she is currently one of the 4 creatives handpicked by Adobe to join their 2016 Creative Residency Program.

You are either a perfectionist, an introvert, or both. We tackle stories and tips that range how to grow your network even if you’re introverted, how to not get stuck in paralysis that’s commonly experienced by perfectionists, to how to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

“LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH! Passion for something is enough. You have to build structures around it. Give it legs.” — Christine Herrin

  1. Volunteer for an event, conference, or activity. Do it for the experience. Do it to meet new people.
  2. Find an accountability partner or mentor who can keep you company as you go towards your goal. As Christine said, it helps if they’re not your best friend so they can objectively keep you accountable.
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