Today is a Q&A episode: I answer  5 listener questions around  the topic of starting or running an online business in 2017.  We have questions that range from branding and marketing, to how to price your work or your products, how to run an online store, and tools you need to invest in when running an online business.

You are a creative who wants help in building a business or project that is centered around purpose and helping others — all while keeping it sustainably profitable.

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Having a defined goal gave structure & purpose to my hustle; it wasn’t just hustle for the sake of hustling. Click To Tweet You first need to get clear on a strong core message for your brand. THAT'S at the heart of your marketing strategy. Click To Tweet No tools and hacks could help me if I didn’t have a solid understanding of entrepreneurship, and so I signed up for mentorship. Click To Tweet Pricing your work doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all formula. Here are 3 factors you need to consider. #thepurposefulcreative Click To Tweet

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