Today’s episode is about redesigning your goal-setting experience  by deciding on your one overarching theme for 2017.  I’ll be giving you 3 prompts or questions you can use – so that the theme that you choose will actually be effective and memorable, and very meaningful to you (not just some generic, forgettable quote you pulled off an inspirational poster).

This episode is specially dedicated to anyone who has lots of ideas and goals every beginning of the year but need help with getting all those goals organized and structured.

This is also for creatives and entrepreneurs who want to get more clear about their big picture direction for their business in 2017.

Apps + lists are great, but w/o intentionally setting a direction for your goals, those are just tools + add-ons. #thepurposefulcreative Click To Tweet


  1. Download the worksheet above — it has all the 10 steps in one handy PDF, and I’ve thrown in a behind-the-scenes look at my calendar for launching this podcast.
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When I set a theme for my year, it's me saying, 'THIS is the story I want to write for myself this year.' #thepurposefulcreative Click To Tweet

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In 2017, take on 1 BIG challenge that can teach you new skills and push you outside your comfort zone. Click To Tweet When choosing your 2017 theme, choose one that triggers a BIG emotional connection. Click To Tweet What do I want to invest a lot of my time, effort, attention, and money this 2017? #thepurposefulcreative Click To Tweet

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