Today’s guest is Reese Lansangan, a 26 year old singer-songwriter, visual artist, graphic designer, fashion designer, and published author; all rolled into one convenient sushi.

In this conversation, we we delved into tricky issues like feelings of jealousy and the habit of comparison in the age of social media, we talked about shame and shaming when you’re putting your work out there, we talked about the stereotypes of being an artist vs. being a sellout.

We also talked about ambition, and why that’s an asset, and not something to be ashamed of. Lots of really tricky stuff, but we discussed it in a very light-hearted way.

You’re a creative person with lots of ideas, but struggle with getting organized. This is also for you if you feel like you’re not the “entrepreneurial type” – let’s unpack and disprove that.

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There’s so many things to learn in this world, that to limit yourself to one or two things would be a waste. Click To Tweet People might scoff at the ambition, but we’ll never get anywhere if we keep saying ‘This is fine.’ Click To Tweet 'Boxing yourself in titles is limiting.' - @reeseypeasy Click To Tweet Don’t burden yourself with having a title — just DO. THE. THING. Click To Tweet Checking social media distracts me from my focus. You can’t help but compare yourself to people. Click To Tweet

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