My guest for today is Roxy Navarro, she is the founder of Works of Heart, a design studio that serves mission-based groups by providing effective branding and visual story telling to help these groups solve the issues of lack of awareness and access to market.

In this conversation, we do a deep dive into why and how she started her company while she was still in college, and then how she continued to run it as the CEO while juggling a full-time day job in a big corporation for a full three and a half years.

We also talk about her insights on what it takes to pursue meaningful work, and the kind of questions you need to ask yourself. And we also walk that awkward intersection between purpose and profit, and the constant journey of figuring out how mix both without compromising one or the other.

You’re somebody who has a day job right now, and are struggling with juggling it with a side-hustle, or are planning to do this — this episode will definitely inspire you.

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What made me feel sure I was ready to quit my day job and pursue my own thing? I was ready to fail. Click To Tweet How @roxynavarro_ knew it was time to quit: 'In my corporate job, I didn’t dream: I didn’t (even) want to get a promotion.' Click To Tweet On comparing yourself with others: 'Be inspired (by them), see what works for us, and create our own story.' Click To Tweet

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