Before anything else, I’d like to start off with TWO major branding misconceptions that you should forget today YESTERDAY.

ONE: “branding” = Logo + fonts + color palette

It’s waaaay more than just that, and if I can argue — the look isn’t the heart of what a brand truly is. It’s not where you should start.

And TWO, “lifestyle brand” = the brand message. 

Worse, as a descriptor — it is vague, absolutely vanilla. And if it’s a blog you’re starting, let’s be real here: You’re possibly the 10,756,425th person in the world who’s starting a lifestyle blog/brand in this day and age.

A lot of people fall into the trap of a ‘lifestyle blog’ or ‘lifestyle brand’ because… they can’t make up their mind, and just want it to be – and I quote: “a mish-mash of the many things I like.”

Arrow to the heart? Sounds like you?

I mean, sure, that type of generic, vague branding might have worked well back in 2008, when there weren’t a lot of blogs or brands online – but now there is YouTube! Podcasts! Buzzfeed! And soooo many Instagram businesses launching every month!

The noise on the internet today is staggering. It’s THAT much harder to stand out in an increasingly saturated market. It’s a ruthless competition for people’s time and attention.

Launching a brand now is so much more challenging than it was 5 years ago, because everyone — every person, every brand, every business — is now online.

If you’re starting a blog or brand or freelance career now, you have to do it purposefully and strategically.

Remember: Cute graphics aren’t enough for TRULY strong branding.
When you have a strong relationship with your audience — THAT’S when you have strong branding.



The 5 Major Elements of A Strong Brand

So you want to learn how to build a strong and authentic brand? Well, don’t just stop at a great logo — make sure you incorporate these 5 major elements.


What is your why? Why does your brand exist, and what makes you worth paying attention to? This is a blend of your core values, your purpose, your unique perspective, and your niche audience.


How will you convey your brand message? Is it through long-form blog posts? Videos? Photos? What kind of stories will you be telling?


Equally important as the content is WHERE you will be sharing your content. Where does your audience hang out? Where will you be publishing your stories? Where can your audience experience your brand?


See – style is only ONE of the many important elements of a brand. Style is all about how your brand message translates into more visual terms: logo, fonts, color palette, photos, graphics, and the like. How would you like your audience to experience your brand visually?


Years ago, the main barometer of success of blogs/brands were in the page views and comments. However, the world has evolved significantly, changing the way people consume media and engage online. So now, there are more options (followers, subscribers, likes, sales, conversions, e-mail inquiries), and you have the power to choose – how are you going to connect and engage your audience? Where will you show up the most to talk to them?


What are income streams you can create that is in line with your brand message? These can be products, services, events, workshops. If you’re serious about building a brand, then this definitely has to be in the equation.

How to build a consistent brand experience: For bloggers, freelancers, and creative entrepreneurs

So how exactly do those 6 elements work together? I’ve put together a free checklist that outlines all the major essentials you have to put in place once you’ve decided to become more intentional about building your brand.

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