4 Self-Limiting Walls & Tips on How to Find Your Tribe

If there is something I’ve learned about my students this past year, it is this: At the end of the day, no matter how many likes and comments and DMs we exchange… so many of us still feel quite LONELY. Ironic, because the internet has made it possible for people to now be more connected than ever, AND YET… an increasing amount of people are getting this gnawing feeling of loneliness and isolation behind our screens. For a good part of our day, we live our “social” lives on a tiny screen, with our smartphone’s home screen literally being the center of this virtual reality we’ve built for ourselves. Especially when you’re pursuing your passion, or taking a different career path than what your friends are taking, or are trying to get an idea off the ground by yourself, or being your own boss — these are the times when you…

The gap between purpose and action

I wonder: They say that millennials are always seeking purpose… but how many people go from surface-level “seeking”, to concretely helping solve problems that matter? I want to share with you a quote, perhaps one of my favorite quotes EVER…

How to focus when you have too many passions and ideas

“How do you choose when you seem to be equally passionate about all your ideas?”

I received this email from another podcast listener a few weeks back. She writes:

“Dear Arriane, I’m passionate about so many things. I’m into photography, videography, volunteer work, and calligraphy. But the thing is, because I keep doing several things all at the same time, every time I need to introduce myself & what I do, I don’t feel confident at all, and my answer is always sheepishly all over the place! How do you choose when you seem to be equally passionate about all your ideas?
– Janey”

This question resonated so much with me because I feel like that’s the mindset I was in for almost 7 years. I was soooo passionate about everything! It didn’t help that I love learning, so I was always discovering new things I wanted to get into, cool new ideas, and awesome people I wanted to emulate.

As I learned more new things, my list of passions started getting longer and longer.

And I experienced what you described, too – I would attend talks, conferences, workshops, and I would DREAD introductions because I couldn’t quite explain what I did. I tried to position myself as someone who was super busy and into a lot of things (the glorified multi-slasher, right?), but deep inside…

I was wishing that I could tell people what I do with more confidence, clarity, and conviction. I felt like such a fraud: telling people I do all these things, but feeling so insecure, because I was so unsure about what it is that I really do.

The turning point came when I decided that I wanted to start building my own business, which meant quitting my job, and not having a steady monthly salary. This life milestone really backed me into corner: I knew that if I did not focus my ideas, then I’d be entering this new, uncertain phase in my life floundering in overwhelm, procrastination, and half-baked projects.

Read on below for ONE MAJOR TIP I have for choosing which idea to say yes to.