3 ways I’ve incorporated self-care into my work routines without sacrificing productivity

Last week, I was in Siargao (with Jodit, my school manager at The Purposeful Creative) — and we were chilling by the beach, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and sleeping for more than 8 hours a day.  That even excluded naps.

And for the first time ever, I traveled without a laptop AND I did not check my email at all. *cue email blasphemy bells*

It was heaven in so many ways. The break reminded me of how important replenishing our body, mind, and soul really is — so that we may continue doing great work, the best way we can.

Read on below for some photos from our trip, and 3 things I’ve done to incorporate self-care in my daily routines, without sacrificing productivity or results.

A 3-Step Test: Should You Pursue Your Passion?

“I want to know, is “pursuing your passion” for everyone? How do I know if I can turn my passion into something that can sustain me long-term?”

Today’s Tribe Thursdays is inspired a letter I received from a reader a few months back. She writes:

Dear Arriane,

I see so many people turning their passion and purpose into a side-hustle (or raket), or a business, and some even quit their jobs to pursue that business full-time. I want to know, is “pursuing your passion” for everyone? How do I know if I can turn my passion (which is painting & illustration, btw) into something that can sustain me long-term — and this is not just a fleeting hobby? What sign posts do I look for?

– Gabby

Gabby (and YOU, whoever you are reading this), let me ask YOU a question first:
How badly do you want it?

Ep. #16: Adulting Advice for Passion-Fueled, Purpose-Seeking Millennials

Today is a special Q&A episode, and this episode is definitely for you if you are someone who is struggling with figuring things out in “adult life.”

This episode is for you if:
I really think you will find this episode valuable if you have questions and internal battles about quitting your job to pursue a more creative path, or you are in the middle of job hunting and are feeling pretty excited but anxious about what’s next for you, or if you are somebody who has pursued one career trajectory for several years but now find yourself wanting to change course. We’ll be answering questions about those topics and more in this episode.

How to Share Your Work on Social Media… Without The Shame [Quick Start Guide]

I know how intimidating it is to start sharing your work online, and being really anxious about what your friends will say – especially your immediate circle. You get scared that they’ll make fun of you, tease you, or think you’re being too ambitious, or “trying too hard.”

In this minisode, Reese Lansangan, a singer-songwriter, shares how she first started posting her music online, and how she overcame her confidence blocks.

You’ve ever felt embarassed or shy or scared to share your work online for fear of being judged, teased, or shamed.